What is Tsedaka [Charity] FSJU IL?

The National Call for tsedaka is large collective fundraising campaign started in 1992 and led by the FSJU in France, an association known for its public service whose purpose to financially support associations that fight vulnerability in all of its form: handicap, unemployment, exclusion, isolation of the elderly, etc.
The Tsedaka FSJU Israel campaign has existed in Israel since 2019, is a campaign of dedicated fundraising based on the organization of festive events to support the social programs implemented by FSJU Israel, which has been fighting poverty and exclusion for 15 years.

Find the activities of tsedaka - UJSJ Israel 2020 :

Thanks to your donations, from Netanya to Hadera via Sderot, FSJU Israel distributed 100 summer camp scholarships to Israeli children from families struggling financially and socially as a result of the current health crisis. 
They thank you with all their heart!