In Israel, subject to social assessment, there are arrangements for handling emergencies.
The FSJU directly supports Israelis by financing local associations that work in the field and through numerous social-economic programs directed to the most vulnerable populations. Since 2017, the FSJU has chosen to focus part of its activities on the French residing in Israel.
Discover the new Israeli programs.

Our partners 2019

Dedicated to Israeli and Franco-Israeli society

Yad Rachel

Helping at-risk children – “Yad Rachel” The FSJU considers it an urgent mission to help children affected by poverty and vulnerability. In Israel, these children

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School of Theatre מ

The theatre for (re)construction – “School of art and expression” Recognizing the popularity of French culture in Israel and the need of francophone olim [immigrants]

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Un Toit pour Tous

Finding housing in dignity- “Un Toit pour Tous” The “Toit pour Tout” [Roof for all] program, run in conjunction with the Lev Haimaot [Heart of

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Talpiot village

A new home for every child – “Talpiot village”   A new structure supported by the FSJU in Israel, the Hadera children’s village of the

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In 2019, 2.3 million people, of which more than one million were children, lived below the poverty line in Israel. In the face of these

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Jaffa Institute

For the reintegration of women at risk – “Jaffa Institute” A program run by the Israeli association, the Jaffa Institute, “From welfare to well-being” provides

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Global Avenir

Stimulating humanitarian commitment – “Global Avenir” The new FSJU program in Israel, “Global Avenir” [Global future], is directed at training young francophones for the challenges

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