The Covid 19 will not prevent education

There are 2.5 million students in Israel, 350,000 of whom do not own computers. How to enable young people to study while the pandemic is raging? The FSJU Israel is trying to answer this difficult equation … March 2020: schools close. The education system is shifting into a new millennium. That of distance education. No […]

A nice room for Talpiot’s children

Working on all fronts to promote the reintegration of at-risk youth, the FSJU supports the Hadera children’s village of the “Talpiot Community for its children” association. Spotlight on this community unlike any other …  They come from all over the southern region, they are 5, 12 or 15 years old, alone or with siblings. Their […]

A summer of solidarity

OFFERING A BREAK TO CHILDREN AND PARENTS FSJU Israel has distributed more than 100 summer camp scholarships and financed educational and recreational activities in two children’s houses.For three years, FSJU Israel has financed youth organizations that organize summer vacation and play centers throughout the country.Given the health crisis and renewed seriousness of the pandemic, the […]

Consulate partnership

FSJU Israel has established a partnership with the General Consulate of France in Tel Aviv and the French Embassy as part of the effort to deal with the social impact of the health crisis in terms of unemployment in Israel, particularly on dual nationals.It involves emergency aid funds intended to alleviate the effect of the […]

Operation Sderot 2019

🇮🇱 Solidarity with Israel 🇮🇱 Thanks to your generosity, this was possible! At the initiative of FSJU Israel, after three days of the sound of sirens and under rocket attack, 150 persons, including 80 children, living in the south of the country, found themselves at the Jerusalem Zoo celebrating 71 years of the State of […]

1 year in Israel with the UJSF

Working in the field and attentive to needs, UJSF Israel is answering the call. Working through partnerships with Israeli associations, UJSF Israel is proud to share its achievements in 2019. There is no doubt that the UJSF took strong steps towards involvement, innovation and action in helping the neediest in Israel. 2019 was marked by […]