The FSJU standing along side Lev Tov Israel

The director of the Lev Tov [Good heart] Israel is serious: in Israel the process of povertization is much more rapid than elsewhere. The first sign is food. Among the most affected families, the refrigerators are literally empty, which explains the necessity for a food bank, which is supported by the FSJU. In France, who […]

Emergency operation COVID19 LATET / FSJU Israel

To be with the elderly people affected by the isolation caused by Covid 19 is an urgent matter for the FSJU in Israel.Latet and FSJU Israel have been collaborating on a program of food security for six years and are together in the emergency campaign to deal with the unprecedented health and economic crisis affecting […]

ALUT – The Society for Children and Adults with Autism

Helping handicapped children Helping the handicapped is an essential focus of action of the FSJU. The Beit Rachel-Strauss High School in Jerusalem, among others, a pioneer of an innovative method for autistic children, is one of the new frameworks supported by the FSJU in 2019. The method of managing the irritation and stress of children […]

Global Avenir

Stimulating humanitarian commitment – “Global Avenir” The new FSJU program in Israel, “Global Avenir” [Global future], is directed at training young francophones for the challenges of the humanitarian and social sector by offering them theoretical teaching and practical training in Israel and abroad to prepare for a lifetime service to humanity. The “Global Avenir” platform, […]

Jaffa Institute

For the reintegration of women at risk – “Jaffa Institute” A program run by the Israeli association, the Jaffa Institute, “From welfare to well-being” provides women from underprivileged areas with comprehensive support in order to allow them to escape poverty. It allows these women to receive the means to rebuild themselves and their long term professional […]


In 2019, 2.3 million people, of which more than one million were children, lived below the poverty line in Israel. In the face of these numbers, FSJU Israel has made it a priority the fight against this poverty, especially in terms of food.For many years, FSJU Israel has supported the “Nutritional Security” program of Latet […]

Talpiot village

A new home for every child – “Talpiot village”   A new structure supported by the FSJU in Israel, the Hadera children’s village of the “Talpiot Community for its children” association aims to take in at-risk children from the ages of 5 to 22 years old (children sent by the social service or placed by […]

Un Toit pour Tous

Finding housing in dignity- “Un Toit pour Tous” The “Toit pour Tout” [Roof for all] program, run in conjunction with the Lev Haimaot [Heart of mothers] association, aims to help francophones families in great poverty, threatened by expulsion or without housing.It aims at quick action in emergencies to relocate families and provide with the required […]

School of Theatre מ

The theatre for (re)construction – “School of art and expression” Recognizing the popularity of French culture in Israel and the need of francophone olim [immigrants] to remain in contact with the culture of origin, the FSJU supports an innovative project. There are two goals for the initiative of Steve Suissa and his association “mem” “the […]

Yad Rachel

Helping at-risk children – “Yad Rachel” The FSJU considers it an urgent mission to help children affected by poverty and vulnerability. In Israel, these children are often the first victims of physical and psychological abuse.An historic partner of our institution, the Yad Rachel association develops educational and therapeutic centers that accept at-risk children and provide […]