Francophone theater school in Israel The FSJU Israel, which this summer funded the activities of an emergency center for children placed by social services through a partnership with the association REUT, is preparing a nice surprise for these children for the first term of school; The educational and medical teams explained to Myriam Fedida, who visited them this summer, […]

Emergency Kaytana from Talpiot Village

The Talpiot Children’s Village in Hadera is a home for endangered children placed by the social services that we have been supporting for two years; the teams provided an Emergency vacation center this summer.

An unforgettable trip

Emotion, discovery, enthusiasm, all the ingredients needed for a timeless moment, came together to turn this trip into an unforgettable experience. Between a visit to the old city of Jerusalem and before a conference with the artist Kichka at the Crown Plaza Hotel, we had the privilege of meetings a few of the participants. They […]

Talpiot Community for its children

Operating on all the fronts to promote the reintegration of at-risk youth, the FSJU supports the Hadera children’s village of the association “Talpiot Community for its children” Here is a snapshot of this community that is so different from others:They arrive from the entire southern region. They can be 5, 12 or 15 years old, […]

Sderot Boston

When it is necessary to reteach children how to live like children Israel is a country of hi-tech, falafel, beaches and …. children in the south traumatized by permanent danger. This reality is discussed when rockets are falling or when a tunnel dug by terrorists is discovered but, once the silence returns, quickly forgotten. For […]

Latet Youth, a needed program supported by the FSJU

Because education is a particularly effective tool to combat vulnerability, Latet [To give], one of the most important charity organizations in Israel, created “Latet Youth”, which provides youth with the skills of leadership and social entrepreneurship. An axis of action precisely fitting its requirements, FSJU decided to support this Israeli program, which has a significant […]

Involvement and solidarity through culture in Israel

The 3rd annual French Theatre Festival took place on October, 27, 2019 in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.Appearing on the stages of Israeli theatre were Thierry Lhermitte, Francis Huster, Ary Abittan and Richard Berry.For the second consecutive year, FSJU Israel offered seats to the beneficiaries of its programs and volunteers of its operating associations.This year, Thierry […]

The FSJU standing along side Lev Tov Israel

The director of the Lev Tov [Good heart] Israel is serious: in Israel the process of povertization is much more rapid than elsewhere. The first sign is food. Among the most affected families, the refrigerators are literally empty, which explains the necessity for a food bank, which is supported by the FSJU. In France, who […]