Francophone theater school in Israel

The FSJU Israel, which this summer funded the activities of an emergency center for children placed by social services through a partnership with the association REUT, is preparing a nice surprise for these children for the first term of school;

The educational and medical teams explained to Myriam Fedida, who visited them this summer, that after so many years of experience they had recently decorated the shelter of the center (Miklat) as a theater, because they had noticed that the children put in a theatrical game situation when the siren sounded, and being locked in shelters passed the moment with more serenity;

With the school מ of Steve Suissa, a school of art and expression that provides therapeutic support to adolescents in the cities of Natanya, Ashdod and Tel Aviv, a project initiated and supported by the FSJU Israel, we will offer these children Masters class throughout the year; To follow in pictures …

To deal with the psychological and traumatic consequences caused by confinement and the health crisis, a specific class for adults and adolescents is also created in Tel Aviv; much success since even people from Jerusalem joined this class.

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