Involvement and solidarity through culture in Israel

The 3rd annual French Theatre Festival took place on October, 27, 2019 in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
Appearing on the stages of Israeli theatre were Thierry Lhermitte, Francis Huster, Ary Abittan and Richard Berry.
For the second consecutive year, FSJU Israel offered seats to the beneficiaries of its programs and volunteers of its operating associations.
This year, Thierry Lhermitte performed in the Sun Flower by Simon Wiesenthal.
For those that do not know, Simon Wiesenthal is a man that, having survived the Holocaust and before become the famous under of Nazis, sought to understand and find answers.
This adaption dealing with the subject of the Holocaust, forgiving and its limits, led us to also invite young students that are expanding their knowledge of the subject in order to transmit it in Poland and thus to future generations.
300 people from underprivileged areas or working in cultural education and transmission can for five days enjoy a moment of culture, opening and sharing on subjects as varied as they were rich.

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