Interview Myriam Fedida June 2019 emergency south

Myriam Fedida: “The solidarity, ethnics, commitment and professionalism of our partners are the anchoring values that guide are everyday choices.”

In line with its mission of solidarity and commitment to help the must vulnerable, the FSJU has decided to support two magnificent projects designed to help children. The director of FSJU Israel, Myriam Fedida, explains the aims of her institution.
David Hatchouel: Thanks to the FSJU, 80 children from Sderot will be able to enjoy two weeks of camp this summer. How was this partnership born?
Myriam Fedida: We have to go back to Israeli Independence Day. More than 800 rockets were launched over a couple of days at Sderot and its surrounding area three days before for the national Independence Day holiday. I told myself that it was intolerable that the rest of the country were celebrating while the children of Sderot were sitting in their shelters. In three days, we arranged an emergency project that allowed 180 persons, of which 85 were children, to celebrate this holiday with dignity and joy.
D.H.: How was it possible to arrange this so fast?
M.F.: We used our thorough knowledge of the on-the-ground resources, who helped us gather the families. Since the relevant families were religious, we were unable to take them to a water park. We therefore opted for the Jerusalem zoo. We organized a giant picnic with recreational activities. We finally could see smiles on their faces. The Matana Lehaim [Gift to life] association joined our campaign and offered family games that can keep the children busy for a long time when they are in the shelters. Nevertheless, when the sound of an airplane (related to the Independence Day overfly) reverberated, we saw children scream, hit the ground and hide under the skirts of their mothers. I must say that I will never forget this sight. We then spoke about it with my Board of Directors in Paris. It was clear that it was our duty to mobilize our resources, as we do it in France, and arrange summer financial scholarships so that these children have a break during the summer vacation.
D.H.: Thanks to FSJU, 80 children will enjoy the Boston Sderot summer camp (see article) this summer while some 60 handicapped children from the Beit Rachel school will be able to benefit from ultra-modern sports equipment. You must be so proud!
M.F.: It is more than pride. It is the feeling of doing the right things and investing the money of our donors in the best possible way. Each partnership that we establish with professional field workers that strive to help the must vulnerable is carefully scrutinized. “The solidarity, ethnics, commitment and professionalism of our partners are the anchors that guide are everyday choices.” There is still so much to do! 

Reported by David Hatchouel.

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