General Consulate of France in Tel Aviv

The French community is particularly affected by the economic crisis because a large number of French, in particular new immigrants, find it difficult to integrate into the labor market, have insecure jobs or were recently hired. Less protected, they have heavily suffered from layoffs with no guarantee that they will rapidly return to work.
Since mid-March, FSJU Israel, in partnership with the General Consulate of France in Tel Aviv and the French Embassy, has established an emergency fund to alleviate the effect of the crisis on those most seriously affected in our community in the backdrop of the social impact of the health crisis in Israel, particularly on dual nationals. These aid funds for the most affected are intended to solve emergency situations within a short time: unpaid rent, utility debts, health costs, school fees, etc.
Subsequent to this partnership, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Europe, upon request by the Consulate, decided to provide a grant of 20,000 euro to FSJU Israel in order to allow it to continue to provide financial aid to those French that are victims of the impact of the health crisis. FSJU Israel is working in close collaboration with the public authorities and Israel Associations to identify struggling families. Since the beginning of April, it has handled numerous requests for assistance.

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