A summer of solidarity


FSJU Israel has distributed more than 100 summer camp scholarships and financed educational and recreational activities in two children’s houses.
For three years, FSJU Israel has financed youth organizations that organize summer vacation and play centers throughout the country.
Given the health crisis and renewed seriousness of the pandemic, the Ministries of Health and Education have not authorized the opening of this frameworks.
Reacting to the conditions on the ground, FSJU Israel has intervened, adapting to the restrictions and rules related to the health crisis in cooperation with the public authorities and the associations that work with children in need.

• The government announced a measure entitled “ bet sefer chel hofesh a gadol” [summer vacation school], which is an extension of school in “day centers” up to August 9. The children remain in school and benefit from the activities. Certain families, facing economic difficulties and impacted by the crisis, were unable pay the required fee. We created a partnership with the municipalities and social services in order to finance the contribution to this measure for the poorest families.
• We have financed the activities of children’s houses that work with children in need placed by the social services in Hadera in the Talpiot village and, in Sderot, with the REUT association.

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