Un Toit pour Tous

Finding housing in dignity- “Un Toit pour Tous”

The “Toit pour Tout” [Roof for all] program, run in conjunction with the Lev Haimaot [Heart of mothers] association, aims to help francophones families in great poverty, threatened by expulsion or without housing.
It aims at quick action in emergencies to relocate families and provide with the required material items before long-term material aid for the household.
Initially, taking on the rent or placement in a decent apartment allows them to avoid eviction or find housing.
At the same time, the organization provides material aid in order to allow these families to provide the basic household needs (bedding, linen, home appliances, etc.).
Complete support is then arranged:

  • Support to allow the parents to re-enter or return to employment (legal and professional aid, etc.)
  • Academic and social assistance for the children

The numbers  

  • 122 children supported
  • 35 francophone families helped
  • 3 Israeli cities

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