Talpiot village

A new home for every child – “Talpiot village”  

A new structure supported by the FSJU in Israel, the Hadera children’s village of the “Talpiot Community for its children” association aims to take in at-risk children from the ages of 5 to 22 years old (children sent by the social service or placed by the courts) in emergency situations. These children come from families in need or are victims of physical or psychological violence.
In the children’s village, training and therapies adapted for the needs of each child and family are provided, including social, therapeutic and academic support, counseling and training for patents, therapeutic benefits through work with domestic animals and a music center.
In the residential program, the students are housed in entirely renovated family units where they can blossom and rebuild their lives, on average for three years.
The goal is to create the optimal conditions (group therapies with the parents) to return the children to their original homes.

The numbers

  • 100 children received
  • 6 housing structure renovated
  • 45 families helped

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