Jaffa Institute

For the reintegration of women at risk – “Jaffa Institute”

A program run by the Israeli association, the Jaffa Institute, “From welfare to well-being” provides women from underprivileged areas with comprehensive support in order to allow them to escape poverty. 
It allows these women to receive the means to rebuild themselves and their long term professional future.
“From welfare to well-being” is thus a comprehensive program for unemployed women, who can take certificate-granting courses and benefit from therapeutic support and food aid.

It is directed at women of all origins that have known serious social and personal difficulties and aims to provide the skills required to gain employment and reduce their need for welfare.
As part of the program, therapies helps them regain their self-confidence and improve their organizational and relational skills.

The numbers

  • 60 women assisted
  • 5 annual training courses
  • 70% of the participants have obtained work

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