Global Avenir

Stimulating humanitarian commitment – “Global Avenir”

The new FSJU program in Israel, “Global Avenir” [Global future], is directed at training young francophones for the challenges of the humanitarian and social sector by offering them theoretical teaching and practical training in Israel and abroad to prepare for a lifetime service to humanity.

The “Global Avenir” platform, open to young francophones from the ages of 20 to 30, provides them with an initial two-month training course by Israeli experts.

Using the Olam network, the youth then participate in the field in a humanitarian project for five months with an NGO in the areas of helping the handicapped, food aid, and emergency actions, to name a few, in Africa, Israel and Asia.

The goal of the Global Avenir program is continue the Jewish tradition of solidarity and create a new group of activist humanitarians with the Jewish and Zionist spirit together with a universal vision.

The numbers  

    • 40 NGO partners
    • 10   countries
    • 9 young humanitarian activists

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