ALUT – The Society for Children and Adults with Autism

Helping handicapped children

Helping the handicapped is an essential focus of action of the FSJU. The Beit Rachel-Strauss High School in Jerusalem, among others, a pioneer of an innovative method for autistic children, is one of the new frameworks supported by the FSJU in 2019.

The method of managing the irritation and stress of children suffering from autism developed by this high school is built around personal development, mainly through fitness equipment and a program of nutrition and fitness, with the help of physiotherapists.

A sports room inside the high school, completely modern. contains specialized equipment (fitness machines, treadmills, bicycles, etc.), thus allowing the trainers to work on the balance issues of the children.

Improving the quality of life as well as the wellbeing of these young autistic youth is achieved through physical, sport and cognitive activities so as to allow children to develop themselves following a personalized academic path.

The numbers

  • 65 young people from the ages of 13 to 21
  • 10 classes
  • 90 teachers and physiotherapists

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