Yad Rachel

Helping at-risk children – “Yad Rachel”

The FSJU considers it an urgent mission to help children affected by poverty and vulnerability. In Israel, these children are often the first victims of physical and psychological abuse.
An historic partner of our institution, the Yad Rachel association develops educational and therapeutic centers that accept at-risk children and provide them with the necessary help.
Inside these centers, the children are placed in adapted educational frameworks.
Supported by a qualified multidisciplinary team (educators, psychologists, psychologists, etc.), they overcome their academic and emotional difficulties through a therapeutic “tool box” (speech therapy, ergotherapy, cooking, etc.).
After school, they receive hot meals, psychological care (individual therapy sessions and group activities), academic support and participate in parent-child workshops to improve the relations within their families. 

The numbers:

  • 6 therapeutic and educational centers
  • 450 children from the age of 3 to 12 accepted
  • 90 families participating in workshops

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